Meetings and Events

1/12/19 – In this meeting, we will be discussing how we can work with the other members of our community to spread harm reduction information. This is a rewarding experience that allows each to share relevant information with others. There will be the opportunity to sign up for community outreach events at the end of this meeting.

1/15/19 –  We will be hosting a movie night at the center. We will be picking the movie based on which one gets the most votes. The film will start at 8 PM sharp. We will have to lock the doors at 8 PM so that people who have shown up on time are not disturbed or distracted. All movies that are in the running will have themes of motivation and inspiration.

1/17/19 – We will be talking about coping mechanisms and healthy ways to channel emotions. Having healthy coping mechanisms is a key factory in the success of a person’s recovery. We will have trained counselors on staff to assist people with any questions that they may have about how to develop healthy coping mechanisms. We will also have a lecture about some of the coping mechanisms people have found that most success with.

1/20/19 – We will be having an art night. We will have a professional art instructor on the premises to instruct people about the benefits of art therapy. Learning about how to use art therapeutically is a very fulfilling experience for many people finds to be beneficial on their journey to recovery.  We will have paint and other art supplies on hand for people to use.

2/02/19  – We will be talking about faith. Learning how to restore faith in oneself can bring comfort to those who are struggling with recovery. Having confidence in one’s ability to move forward healthily and happily with their life after recovering from addiction plays a huge role in the success of a person’s ability to recover.

2/10/19 – We will be discussing forgiveness and the process of forgiving. It is easy to say that you forgive yourself for the things that occurred while you were using, but actually forgiving is another story. We will have life coaches and counselors on hand to provide people with the resources that are needed to delve into the waters of self-forgiveness.