Does the Center for Combating opioid Addiction Accept Insurance?

Our center works with most insurance providers. We are committed to providing the members of our community with the recovery services that they need. If your insurance is not covered we have a variety of payment plans available.

Can I bring a family member with me to treatment?

We do not condone people who are not in recovery themselves to attend the meetings or other services that are designed for people in recovery. It is our goal to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe while getting treatment from us. Having people who are not in recovery attending therapy could compromise the recovery and trust of other people.

Are tobacco and nicotine products allowed in your treatment center?

Yes, we allow people to smoke and use nicotine products at our center. However, it is essential that you are willing to stick to our guidelines by only smoking in the designated area. Only smoking in the designated is allowed everyone to feel comfortable during their stay and prevents nonsmokers from becoming uncomfortable.

How long should a person spend on treatment?

We usually recommend that people devote at least three months to treat.  Although the acute detox phase of withdrawal is only last about a week, it is important that a person is spending adequate time on their emotional and mental health while they are in recovery as well.

Should I seek inpatient or outpatient services?

Inpatient care is a perfect option for people that can afford it. It is by far the most immersive experience and can help to reduce the chances of relapse. However, outpatient services are also an excellent choice for people who are not able to leave their jobs or for those who need to maintain their routine.

Should I follow the 12 steps?

This is up to the individual. Many people have found that they have had great success by using the 12 steps. However, we recognize that this is not the path for everyone. At our center, we do our best to provide treatment options that are tailored to each individual to optimize the chances of each making a full recovery.

Can I get treatment at Narcotics Anonymous Center if I’m not clean yet?

Yes, we have a state of the art detox facility on the premises. We have medical professionals on staff to provide around the clock care and monitoring for those who require an inpatient detox. This may be the best way to go for people who have tried and failed to get clean in the past.