The Center for Combating Opioid Addiction in Portland

About us

The Center for Combating Opioid Addiction in Portland, Oregon works to provide the information and data to battle opioid addiction. There is a ton of false, deceptive data out there with regards to opioid dependence, and we perceive that there is an incredible requirement for authentic quality data to become more accessible to those that are in need of this information. With the opioid crisis continuing to grow it is more critical now than ever to ensure that people have access to the information that they need to recover from addiction safely.

At the center for combating opioid addiction, we help individuals in a large number of ways. We help those that are battling with addiction by connecting them with the treatment that that best suits their needs. We provide those struggling with the option for outpatient care as well as inpatient care. We have intake staff that can help each determine what treatment options best suit their own needs. Some of the services that we offer include meetings, counseling, and customized detox programs. We also ensure that those who complete our treatment programs are set up with proper aftercare. We have found that those who have aftercare plans in place are less likely to return to using opioids in the future.

Methods of Treatment

The treatment center in Portland provides an assortment of options in an attempt to make treatment more accessible

  • Top Customer Support
  • Impatient Care
  • Outpatient Care
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Rehabilitation from Opioid

Recovery Time-line

We usually recommend that people devote at least three months to treat.

Impatient or out patient

Inpatient care is a perfect option for people that can afford it However, outpatient services are also an excellent choice

Love Your Life

Many people have found that they have had great success by using the 12 steps.


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